Journey is as Important as the Goal, Growth, Start Small, Keep Going

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Your Journey is as Important as Your Goal

I remember learning to swim as an adult. My early efforts looked more like me dog-paddling than really swimming. I flailed and gasped about, relieved when I met the opposite pool edge. Five years later, I was able to swim in the ocean confidently. The learning gap between those two swimmer versions of me is huge, yet looking back on it, I take that progress for granted.

Conversely, when starting out with a big goal, looking forward to your desired outcome can feel daunting. It seems like an eternity will pass before your goal is achieved. You may become impatient with your progress and with yourself as you struggle toward your goal.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” — Frederick Douglass

As you struggle along your way toward growing, creating or becoming something more than where you started, remember that there is merit in the journey itself. Your struggles will test your resolve and dedication. If you decide to give up, you’ll be missing out on growth opportunities.

Your journey is as important as your goal.

Thinking only of your desired outcome, and how far away it may seem, can lead to discouragement and lack of motivation. Focusing on the process of your journey will help you grow along the way, build skills and cement your commitment. If you’re open to cultivating courage, resilience and ingenuity from your struggle, you’ll win no matter what the outcome.

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. – Chinese proverb

As Tony Robbins said, we may get discouraged if we think we’re not accomplishing enough in one year, but think about how much you can accomplish in a decade. Growth takes time. Know that the journey itself serves a purpose. The benefits of cultivating resilience, courage and skills as you face the challenges on your journey will last long after you’ve accomplished your goal.

Journey is as Important as the Goal2

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