Your Future Self is Counting on You

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Your Future Self is Counting on You

Is your life what you want it to be? Are you already the person you hoped you’d become? If you’re like me, your answer is “not really”. Here’s a therapeutic activity that might help. Give it a try – your future self is counting on you.

This activity involves writing two letters to yourself:

  • The first letter is from your current self to a much older version of you.
  • The second letter is a response from your future self to the first letter.

Engaging in this activity is best done from a place of vulnerability, where your fears and dreams are laid bare for reflection. Write the first thoughts that arise. In the second letter, allow your imagination to flow. Will your older self respond with judgement and regret or with gentleness and love?

Authenticity and vulnerability are necessary for growth.

The more authentic and vulnerable you allow yourself to be while writing these letters, the greater the potential impact. For me, this exercise was an emotional experience. The realization of what may happen if I continue to allow fear and self-doubt to prevent me from achieving my dreams became clear. I didn’t want to disappoint my older self by not realizing my full potential today.

It’s only too late if you don’t start now.

A benefit of doing this activity now is that if there is room for improvement, there is still time to act. Whether the improvements are in goal setting, self-care or facing your fears, what you do today will impact the mental health and happiness of your future self. While being present is a worthwhile mindset, thinking of your future is also necessary in order to stay on track toward living the life you wish to live.

What will you do today to help your future self?

Your Future Self is Counting on you

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