Growth Needs Self-Awareness

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Why Growth Needs Self-Awareness

Without self-awareness, growth is impossible. Do you believe that statement? Well, what is growth? Growth is change. How does change come about? When we decide to do something new based on what we’ve learned about ourselves. That’s growth.

Self-awareness expedites growth because it allows us to become aware of the need for growth. We become aware of when our behaviour or thinking patterns can be improved or adjusted. Self-awareness means that we notice what’s going on with ourselves. Growth means that we do something about it.

When you realize that you have a choice in the direction your life takes, you realize your power.

So, what’s necessary for self-awareness? Pausing. Slowing down. Taking the time to notice and observe ourselves. And, importantly, assessing if what we’ve observed is working well for us. Questioning how could we be better? Better may mean being kinder – to ourselves, to others. Better may mean creating our future with intention rather than just letting life happen to us.

Sometimes self-awareness means being willing to admit to yourself that you’re wrong.

Questioning your behaviour, beliefs and values requires courage and humility. It means admitting that just because you’ve held a belief for your whole life so far, doesn’t mean that it’s the best for you moving forward. For example, someone who has always put the needs of others ahead of their own will need to re-evaluate how continuing to do so impacts their ability to realize their own goals.

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

If you’re truly interested in personal growth and development, you need to be willing to take a hard, close look at yourself and your habitual thinking patterns. Sometimes you’ll struggle with what you see. But isn’t it better to struggle now while you still have time to make adjustments, rather than look back on an unexamined life with regret?

Growth Needs Self-Awareness

Image by metamorworks (iStock)


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