Tired of the Same Old?

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09 Mar Tired of the Same Old?

Tired of the same old? Maybe it’s time to learn something new. To expand your comfort zone. When you start living intentionally, you can bring positive change into your life.

When I was in my 30’s, I’d made the decision to learn two new things per year. One year, I’d signed up for German language classes and learned how to snowboard. Recently, I’ve discovered that even something as simple as trying a different restaurant or learning a new recipe requires a step away from auto-pilot thinking.

Not every new experience will be worth repeating. Accepting uncertainty can help you be open to new experiences. Regardless of the outcome, there’s value in the act of trying.

Expanding your comfort zone is good for your brain. – Silvia Damiano

Mixing up your usual routine helps keep your brain agile. An agile brain is better equipped to handle what comes your way. You’ll be better able to face your fears because you’ve already taken the time to practice uncomfortable feelings and realize that you’ve survived the experience.

90% of the thoughts we think, we’ve already thought. – Heidi E. Sormaz

Can your thinking patterns also benefit from some adjustments? I know mine can! When I’m thinking that my goal seems out of reach, I realize that this is an old thinking pattern of mine that does not serve me well. After I replace doubt with curiosity and direct my mental energy toward making my goal happen, I feel better. What thinking patterns do you have that might benefit from some adjustment?

Recognize your own patterns and change them up a little.

Not all of our patterns are bad. But the ones that we’re sticking to solely because that’s how we’ve always done it might benefit from a fresh approach. Exploration can bring valuable learning and insights. At the very least, changing it up helps stretch our brain and expand our comfort zone.

What small adjustment can you make to your usual routine this week?

Tired of the Same Old?

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