Discussion Groups and Workshops:

I facilitate discussion groups and interactive workshops that address the topic of fear. Sessions can be customized based on your needs, audience size and demographics. Topics such as the following are explored:

Fear of failure

Fear of change

Fear of rejection

Fear of success

Fear of conflict

Managing uncertainty

Challenging self-doubt

Cultivating courage

The methods used in the sessions aim to heighten human connection, understanding and learning. They include:


Non-judgmental, attentive listening promotes a feeling of being heard.  This acknowledgement helps to create an openness to delving deeper into what’s behind our challenges and how to manage them.


Empathy is different from sympathy; sympathy judges and builds a hierarchy between the speaker and the listener while empathy builds genuine understanding and rapport.


With gentle curiosity, you can discover our own role within your challenges and how you can affect them to improve your outcomes.


Finding commonalities between participants in a session helps to normalize challenges.  Knowing that you’re not alone in experiencing your fear brings a feeling comfort and validation.

Emphasizing Strengths

Do you often undersell yourself when it comes to recognizing your strengths? Once they are brought to light, you’re more likely to utilize them to help you face your fears.

Acknowledging Resilience

Remembering that you’ve outlasted previous challenges and can help to motivate you to continue to face your fears.


Not everybody wishes to share the details of what’s going on inside them. Self-reflection activities respect your need for both privacy and to be able to process internal thoughts at your own pace.

Mindfulness Practices

Practicing the skill of being present can help you manage your fears by managing worry and self-limiting thoughts that hold you back from cultivating your courage.

The goal at the end of each session is to leave the participants feeling empowered, invigorated and connected.

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