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Meditation for Motivation

I used to think that the solution to low motivation was to push through it and force myself into taking action. For me, that approach has been neither pleasant nor sustainable. I’ve since shifted to the following meditative approach that I’ve found to be surprisingly effective. Start with calming your mental state by focusing on your breath, and then move to the following mental phases.

First phase: accept your low motivation.

Accept that you’re experiencing low motivation. Tell yourself that it is a perfectly normal human condition. There’s no need to be hard on yourself for not feeling motivated. Give yourself compassion for experiencing this low state.

Second phase: visualize having accomplished your goal.

Visualize the future version of you having achieved your goal. What does a day in the life of the Future You look and feel like? Imagine this future so vividly that you experience physiological feelings, such as a tinge of excitement or a lightness associated with joy.

Third phase: visualize taking steps toward your goal.

Dial back the timeline of your visualization so that see yourself taking action toward achieving your goal. This could be as simple as imagining yourself at your desk working on your project or visualizing yourself in a situation acting calmly and in control. Imagine that the steps you’re taking toward your goal are going extremely well. Picture yourself being calm, patient, creative and effective. Continue to visualize this version of you in action until you experience good feelings associated with this image.

When you’re ready, come out of the meditation and back into the present moment. Take a deep breath. Think about what you can do now that will bring you closer to reaching your goal. Do you feel more motivated?

Meditation for Motivation

Image by SIphotography (iStock)

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