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Keep Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Ever get tired of expanding your comfort zone? The path to personal development was never intended to be easy. We’re having to fight our tendency to take it easy because …

“…comfort—one of the biggest roadblocks to our growth—is something our bodies crave the most.” – Elliot Pak

Continuing to push ourselves can get a little tiring. It’s normal to feel mentally and physically exhausted after practicing [getting out of your comfort zone because] you’re forcing your brain to work in ways it’s unaccustomed to, says Tara Swart.

But if you want to grow, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Take a break when you need to, then ease back into pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Start with simple tasks to build up confidence and momentum. Motivating yourself out of love for your end goal rather than pressure to be productive will make the journey more enjoyable and sustainable because you’re not adding unnecessary stress.

Expanding your comfort zone equals shrinking your discomfort zone.

Another way of looking at expanding your comfort zone is that you’re minimizing your discomfort zone. As you continue learning, growing and developing, there will be less and less that you’re uncomfortable with. You may even start interpreting feelings of discomfort as a positive sign that you’re on a path to growth.

Comfort is your biggest trap and coming out of your comfort zone your biggest challenge.” – Manoj Arora

Placing yourself out of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but once you get a taste of your own potential, you’ll want to keep going. The elation you feel when you’ve achieved a goal that you once hadn’t considered possible will propel you to continue exploring new ways to evolve. And if you didn’t achieve your goal in a given attempt? The growth you’ve gained from learning will help you the next time. Are you ready to keep growing?

Keep Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Image by LanaStock (iStock)

  • Loraine Smith
    Posted at 11:42h, 01 December Reply

    This pandemic offered me a challenge – how do I make my lay off from a job I loved, into a gift? After considering my values, and yearnings, I dug deep and decided to write a novel. 5 months later, the first draft is done, and now I am editing.

    Facing your fears is worth it – thank you Mona Benjamintz for creating this program and blog. You are a gift!

    • mona
      Posted at 11:56h, 01 December Reply

      That is so wonderful to hear, Lorraine! I’m thrilled to know that facing your fears has helped you realize a dream within you. You’ve done amazing work and I can’t wait to read your novel!

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