Inaction will not resolve your dilemma.

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Inaction Will Not Resolve Your Dilemma

Are you struggling to choose between continuing with your status quo and taking action toward your dream? Inaction will not resolve your dilemma. Inaction is sitting on the fence. You will have to jump down onto one side or another because eventually, sitting on a narrow fence becomes uncomfortable.

If you dare to dream and struggle with self-doubt, be ready for this dilemma: you have an idea that excites you but acting on it is frightening. Who ever said that doing something worthwhile is easy?

Once you have a dream, it won’t go away until you make it a reality.

Leslie Santos, in her excellent article “Indecision is Doubt in Disguise” writes “our doubt does not protect us, it simply postpones the inspired action that will set us free.” Our inaction, fueled by doubt, works to short-change ourselves by preventing us from living our happier, more fulfilling lives. To set aside your self-doubt, don’t assume it speaks the truth. Question it.

Challenge your self-doubt.

Question your self-doubt. Are your fears in your own head? Are you making assumptions about problems you think you’ll encounter before you’ve even taken a first step toward your dream? Could you instead be curious about what might happen if you give your dream a try? Explore. Discover. With each step, keep an open mind. Stop creating reasons in your own head as to why you think your dream won’t work.

Resolve your dilemma by deciding to act.

Once you’ve jumped off the fence and taken action, you might enjoy a sense of relief knowing that you’ve resolved your dilemma. Rather than being consumed by the uncomfortable feelings that avoidance brings, you can direct your energy to taking steps toward your dream.

What action is required for you to resolve your dilemma?

Take action toward your dream.

Image by Deagreez (iStock)

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