From Rut to Risk

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From Rut to Risk

Do you have a dream that’s tugging at your soul, one that sounds fantastic but you’ve been procrastinating because it seems daunting? To make it happen, you may need to pull yourself out of the comfort of your current status quo and push yourself towards taking some risks.

From rut to risk.

Think back to past accomplishments you’ve achieved that have improved your life. Were some uncomfortable steps necessary to make them happen? If you’re looking to enhance your life, chances are that some risk is necessary to get there.

But it’s so comfortable staying put where I am.

When the pain of change seems more uncomfortable than the pain of staying the same, it’s tough to be motivated to take a risk that will take you closer to your reward. How can you get motivated to move from rut to risk? This will take some forward thinking about time and about yourself.

Time waits for no one.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives, distracted with minutiae that keep us rolling along in the ‘same old, same old’. Time is not on your side, but you can think of it in a way that can help motivate you. A substantial dream may take years to accomplish. Those years will pass regardless of whether you take action or not. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if at the end of those years, instead of living the same routine you’ve got now, you’re closer to your dream?

What would your future self say?

In the present, maintaining your status quo may look pretty attractive. But what about the future you? When the future version of you looks back on today’s version of you, will it be with satisfaction and pride or regret and remorse?

From rut to risk to reward.

Don’t let a dream you have today turn into a future regret tomorrow. If not now, when?

From Rut to Risk to Reward

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