Fear of Relaxing - Obsessed with Productivity?

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Fear of Relaxing: Are You Obsessed with Productivity?

Fear of relaxing? That sounds like a strange concept, doesn’t it? What might cause some of us to want to avoid relaxing? In the next few posts, I’ll explore some reasons that may contribute to this fear. One reason I’m personally familiar with is related to a tendency to keep very busy.

Are you obsessed with productivity?

Perhaps ‘obsessed’ may be too strong a word for you. Frequently thinking about your ‘To Do’ list? There’s nothing wrong with self-discipline to help apply yourself to tasks as long as you’re not causing yourself unhealthy stress. When you can’t recall the last time you participated in an activity you used to enjoy, your personal relationships are begging for your attention or your physical health is suffering, it may be time to shift how you prioritize your time and energy.

Your health will go away if you ignore it.

A decline in your physical health may be the most noticeable sign that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Our bodies put up with a lot from us until they surprise us with a serious health concern. Don’t wait for that nasty surprise. Be proactive and give your body the rest it needs.

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

We cannot blame our addiction to busyness on modern technology when even in 399 BC, Socrates knew the hazards of being too busy. No time for your friends or family? They may not stick around if you’re not careful. Relationships require regular attention in order to foster healthy connections. Who on their deathbed ever said “I spent too much time with friends and family”?

Being is more important than doing.

Do you feel that your happiness depends on how productive you are? If so, you may be putting too much emphasis on doing, rather than being. Happiness is a state of mind, not a reward after you’ve accomplished a task. The most reliable route to happiness is when it comes from within and does not depend on external circumstances that are beyond your control.

Meditation makes you more productive.

If you’re not yet convinced that your productivity needs a break once in a while, perhaps you will be once you know that meditation can increase your productivity. Meditation cultivates mindfulness which improves your mental focus and consequently helps you be more productive.

Are you ready to risk some relaxation?

Take a break from productivity

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