Caucasian hand reaching out for help. Indoor photo with sunlight coming through windows. Image by Mladen Zivkovic (iStock). Image used for blog post Fear of Asking for Help: Not Wanting to Impose.

Image by Mladen Zivkovic (iStock)

08 Feb Fear of Asking for Help: Not Wanting to Impose

When I was a kid, I hesitated to ask someone for help because I thought that I would be imposing upon them. Fortunately, as an adult, I’ve recovered from this thinking. I’ve decided that it’s okay to ask for help and have observed that people like to help.

I’m a small person, standing at 4’11” (but I’m a big person inside!). When I go to the grocery store, I have trouble reaching items on the top shelves. I don’t hesitate to locate a fellow customer that is taller than me (that’s not difficult) to ask them for help to reach an item. A beautiful moment transpires when this happens: the stranger’s eyes light up, they often go above and beyond my request (sometimes checking expiry dates for me), and after I’ve given them my sincere thanks, they walk away with a bounce in their step. The interaction has built a brief but satisfying connection between us and has elevated both of our shopping experiences.

Asking for help creates an opportunity for connection.

When we ask for help, the benefits are doubled. You get the help you need and you’ve made someone else feel good because they know they’ve helped someone. Me asking for help at the store is a simple act. Asking for help can go much deeper than that.

Sometimes asking for help also means you are helping yourself. – Renuka Pitre

During these pandemic times, so many of us are struggling. Asking for help to have someone to talk to can provide significant support during these difficult times.

Are you afraid to ask for help?

There are other reasons why we may find it hard to ask for help. Are you afraid to ask for help because you think you’re not supposed to need anyone else’s help? I’ll write about this in my next post.

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Two Caucasian hands together, forming heart shape, against blurred outdoor, sunlit background at dusk. Image by Suwaree Tangbovornpichet (iStock). Image used for blog post Fear of Asking for Help: Not Wanting to Impose.

Image by Suwaree Tangbovornpichet (iStock)

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