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Welcome to Faceyourfears.ca, the website of Mona Benjamintz, a motivational speaker based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Faceyourfears is about facing our fears, such as fear of change, fear of failure and fear of rejection, that hold us back from improving our lives. Here’s what it’s about:


You get up in the morning, and that vim and vigour that you once may have had as a child has been long lost. You wish your alarm clock never went off, because you didn’t sleep well, thanks to

tossing and turning while feeling anxious about making changes in your career, relationships or your life in general. You talk down to yourself, even though you’d never talk that way

to a friend. You prefer the certainty of your status quo, even if you are unhappy now, because it feels more comfortable than the uncertainty of making a leap to new opportunities.

If we want to live happier, more authentic lives, we need to face our fears.

It’s About Your Fear

Our minds are designed to make us afraid when we feel threatened, but for most of us, this innate reaction gets overblown when applied to our daily lives. Unless we work or live amongst danger, chances are that the situations we fear really aren’t life threatening. They do, however, threaten the quality of our lives.

Our fear tells us that something significant is at stake, and it provides us with a growth opportunity that can add to our wisdom and resiliency. Instead of asking, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’, let’s ask, ‘What’s the best that could happen?’, and watch our journeys towards our happier selves unfold.

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ABOUT MONA (she/her)

Mona applies a combination of neuro-linguistic programming training, basic counselling skills and personal experience to share insights and inspiration for facing fears such as fear of change, rejection and failure. With over ten years’ experience in workshop facilitation and public speaking, she seeks to empower others to face their fears and enhance their lives.


How can I help you?

I provide interactive workshops and motivational presentations that address the topic of fear. All workshops can be customized based on your needs, audience size and demographics. Click below to review my base offerings. Let’s connect to see what works for your group or organization!